Beyond replica Bell & Ross watches, the burning skull is the base Swiss automatic movement. One of the little things I hate about watches is that the position of the axis of the hour hand and minute hand is above the center of the dial so that the movement will be a bit higher than usual. This slightly raises the crown and breaks the typical position directly to the center of the side of the case. To be honest, it’s not a big deal, but Bell & Ross has successfully implemented a gearing system that allows you to place the crown in its usual place. Then, such a system becomes complicated (well, they will have to), Bell & Ross probably will not have that technology. In addition, it actually can significantly increase the price. If there is something, today there is a reason to make the watch with higher brand value more expensive.

As we said, it is not new thing that there is a skull on the dial of Bell & Ross BR01 watch. In 2009, Bell & Ross introduced BR 01 Skull, followed by the second edition “Airborne”. In 2015, this brand showed two clocks. Such a motif was on the dial. The first one was a one-time one and it was a unique BR 01 Skull Bronze Tourbillon Only Watch. The second was a very close production and product with no design but with its design and material: BR 01 Skull Bronze (limited to 500 pieces). But there may be questions or legitimate reasons on the lips: why did you put a skull on the dial of the clock inspired by the instrument? Is it only fashionable? Indeed, the BR 01 Skull watch is deeply involved in military roots (as usual). Skull respects North American parachute players who landed in Normandy on June 6, 1944. It was a unit of the 82nd and 101st US airborne troops. In their jumpsuit, these elite fighters proudly wore insignia with a skull: «to death and misfortune from the other,« above death ».

The sandblasted stainless steel case is engraved with the machine to obtain the intaglio pattern (manual engraving is very difficult on steel and especially exaggerated and expensive), the black line is very much “tattooed” by the “tattoo” process You will get. For each line engraved on steel, use a stylus, black ink For the rest, Bell & Ross BR 01 Burning Skull will remain faithful to the original Skull watch made with Paris brands. With a dial, a large 3D skull takes over the entire show and is made at two levels: a metal skull (carved with the same process as the coin) carved on it is matte black background. The black part of the dial is actually painted with Luminova to produce a strong effect at night. The case is a traditional BR 01 of 46 mm x 46 mm, and the interior is automatic movement (ETA base), providing hours and minutes. It is complemented by a brown alligator strap (and an additional black fabric strap).

Thanks to Bell & Ross’s efforts built into the watch is true, I support to maintain sales. Bell & Ross is the master of actually seeking out the themes they produce. A few years after the original BR 01 Skull watch, the designer is thinking about a new way to make it clear (for some people) popular. If I have the opportunity for regara of skull theme in the future, this is probably the watch that I chose to have on my wrist, perhaps.

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