Since the start of the ROLEX SKY-DWELLER REPLICA WATCH GMT Master in the past half a century, Rolex brought about two new complications in Rolex’s Yacht Master II with Round Rocks’ countdown yacht timer and Rolex’s Skydeweller in 2007. A second time zone and annual calendar are scheduled for 2012. This feature explains how Sky-Dweller and its innovative movements work.

The month is shown by a window next to the corresponding numeral (here, “IIII” for April).

From a technical point of view, the automatic movement of the Rolex Caliber 9001 manufactured internally is pretty cool. As with the internal chronograph movement of the Yacht Master II model, this movement features a unique system called a bezel that helps to adjust the watch. Since the watch does not have the only crown and pusher, turn the bezel left or right to adjust various functions. It works surprisingly well and is part of the complex mystery of Rolex’s Skydeweller in a rare “complex” Rolex watch. Of course Rolex can make more complicated watches if you wish, but considering an efficient machine, it is less conservative because complicated movements can be assembled without problems.

Setting the watch requires the use of both the crown and the rotating “Ring Command” bezel.

When Rolex made Rolex ‘s Skydeweller debut, it could only be made with money – but 18k yellow, rose (Eve’ s), white gold. In 2014, Rolex doubled the collection from three to six watches. There is not a new material option yet, but there are new dial styles (models introduced in this article) as well as new options for straps and bracelets. Rolex offers a dial version of Rolex Sky-Dweller on the strap and other dial version for the 18K gold bracelet.

If you like the appearance of a grooved Rolex bezel, you will love the appearance of Rolex’s Skydeweller more. Precision milled and polished case is perfect, detail is attractive. Rolex · Sky · Dweller ‘s “controversial” element has something people love or not. I never felt that Rolex’s Skydeweller was an overly beautiful design, but then I truly honored him for its functional elements. The real problem for most people is “open” GMT dial and skeletonized hand. Monthly calendar integration is still wise as the month indicator is actually the outside window of each time indicator. Therefore, the window entered at 2 o’clock means February. The window filled in at 6 o’clock will be June etc …

To set the watch, use both bezel and crown. First, turn the bezel to one of three positions and select one of three functions: date, local time, or home (24 hours). Next, we use the crown to set the function forward or backward. Rolex says, “The center of the mechanism is a double cam and a lever that engages in various gear trains in motion, depending on the function chosen. One of these cams is activated by withdrawing the hoisting crown The other is driven by rotating the bezel (Rolex calls “Ring Command Bezel”). Activate the setting wheel located in the middle of the watch. The bi-directional take-up Caliber 9001, like all Rolex calibres, has a stop seconds function and a 72 hour power reserve by COSC. The movement has 380 components and is protected with 7 patents. Four of them are new models. The case is 42 mm in diameter and 100 m in water resistance. Rolex Skydoweller comes with white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, bracelet and leather strap, Rolex’s own Everose gold case and bracelet.


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