Omega Speedmaster White Side Of The Moon Watch Watch Releases

2015 is certainly the year of the ceramic Speedmaster at Omega – and we aren’t complaining. This bright, white little number is the new Omega Speedmaster White Side Of The Moon. In 2013, Omega released the Omega Speedmaster Dark Side Of The Moon (aBlogtoWatch review here) that was a surprise (and enduring) hit that put the newer Omega Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronograph watch with the in-house made 9300 movement in an all black ceramic case. The Omega Dark Side Of The Moon was sporty, stealthy, and very sexy – quickly becoming “the” Omega to have, even for people who were not traditionally Omega fans.

Omega Speedmaster White Side Of The Moon Watch Watch Releases
Omega Speedmaster White Side Of The Moon Watch Watch Releases

So what was Omega replica watches going to do with this success? Look to more sides of the moon, of course. Last year in 2014, Omega released the plasma-gray ceramic version of the Speedmaster with the Omega Speedmaster Gray Side Of The Moon (hands-on here). Note that the Omega Speedmaster Gray Side Of The Moon was initially called the “Lunar Dust.” It naturally means that for 2015, we get the Omega Speedmaster White Side Of The Moon in white ceramic. It is cool enough that I don’t even think it matters that there isn’t really a “white” side of the moon. I would have preferred “Speedmaster Light Side Of The Moon.” Oh well, it doesn’t change this interesting, summery sport watch.

The Omega Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronograph isn’t new to white ceramic, actually, but hopefully, the Omega Speedmaster White Side Of The Moon will do better than the last one. In 2012, Omega debuted a white version of the replica watches  uk Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronograph watch (hands-on here) that I understand was never commercially released. I really like that model, but agree that the Omega Speedmaster White Side Of The Moon that matches the white ceramic dial and bezel insert with a fully white zirconium oxide case does it even better. It is entirely possible that in 2012 the world simply wasn’t ready yet for a white Speedmaster. My understanding is that, since then, it has finally become cool to wear white men’s sports watches (which I’ve personally been saying is cool for over five years now – so, pat on the back, Ariel).

Omega Speedmaster White Side Of The Moon Watch Watch Releases
Omega Speedmaster White Side Of The Moon Watch Watch Releases

The Omega Speedmaster White Side Of The Moon Watch comes in the same 44.25mm-wide case size as the rest of the Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronograph collection. The white ceramic face is fitted with 18k white gold hands and hour markers (over time, they end up looking better than steel). Unlike the 2012 white Speedmaster watch, the Omega Speedmaster White Side Of The Moon has some welcome bits of red on the dial – which is a minor, albeit welcome design choice that I like. Too much monochronism isn’t always good.

Inside the Speedmaster White Side Of The Moon is the in-house made Omega caliber 9300 automatic chronograph movement with a two register right subdial that allows it to track up to 12 hours with the chronograph between only two subdials. It has the date at 6 o’clock, and the beautifully decorated movement is visible through the bowl-style sapphire crystal caseback – one of the best executions of such in the business. Attached to the case is a white alligator strap with some red stitching in the lining. I certainly think this is a cool look, but with the three versions there may just be too much choice in the ceramic Omega Speedmaster collection, unless you have enough money to buy them all.

Omega Speedmaster White Side Of The Moon Watch Watch Releases
Omega Speedmaster White Side Of The Moon Watch Watch Releases

Sadly, it does not appear as though Omega has included Master Co-Axial anti-magnetic properties into the caliber 9300 movement family yet – something that we have been promised will happen by 2017. The Speedmaster White Side Of The Moon is a really good looking follow-up to the original Dark and Grey Side versions – a testament to the fact that the Speedmaster is one of the most versatile and aesthetically durable watches ever. Price for this reference 311. Omega Speedmaster White Side Of The Moon watch is 10,800 Swiss Francs – the same as the “DSotM”.


In a trustworthy place, when I see evidence of a big brand listening to customers, I value every strange and rare occasion. According to many of the brand’s loyal followers, some of Omega’s hot items, including the dark side of the awesome Moon series, are too wide and thick for their own benefit, forcing many people to put their purses in their pockets. I very much hope to buy watches at the store. Now, with the dark side of this Omega Speedmaster Planet Apollo 8, we see another rare occasion where the brand listens and brings us a warm new version, responding to their cries – even if it means a violation of the previous The self-imposed rule or violation violates the creative sacred glass ceiling so far. Behold, the thinnest and most wearable Omega DSotM does.

all the sub-dials as well as the main indications remain perfectly legible at all times.
all the sub-dials as well as the main indications remain perfectly legible at all times.

I said that Omega opposes some hardcore rules on Apollo 8, and I think that understanding these is more important than knowing the story of Apollo 8 from beginning to end. First, as we will see, movement choice plays an important role in making this Apollo 8 as specific as possible – Omega’s own movement choices are worth noting for two reasons. First, we rarely see one big brand transforming its “smaller” movement into one of its higher-positioned series; however, this is what happened here. The fancy endless high-tech coaxial automatic chronograph of other DSotM wristwatches was replaced by the new rotary movement of the 1861 manual winding movement – which will be described in detail later. Second, we see one of the major brands creatively tailoring one of its core actions. However, Omega really came out of its own way, making this calibre 1869 (here called) outstanding.

In addition to motion problems, Omega also demonstrated its capabilities – finally! – Get original ideas with the original Moonwatch look and make something, now it’s already here, let me ask “why not happen so soon?” I think we will agree that we think this is a very rare brand Get this freedom through the core product. To make things better, Omega has not only adopted the entire process, it has not made Speedmaster Apollo 8 a non-limited edition product. Yes, you see the truth: this is a cool new super fighter. Astonishingly, it is not a limited edition, but it can actually be bought in a boutique – because it is very successful, it is hard to believe It will not.

the black-white-yellow contrast means that you can actually read the time accurately.
the black-white-yellow contrast means that you can actually read the time accurately.

Into the chase here, reducing the thickness is obvious because it is awesome. This is very obvious and great. The previous version was rather hamburger, which was made up of their lame space age, black/gray/white ceramic Speedmaster atmosphere. The Speedmaster Apollo 8 serves as a very smart, creative and lovable middle ground between the DSotM series deficiencies and the romantic Moon/NASA story about the regular lunar watchers.

Do not misunderstand my point of view. The width is 44.25 mm. The width of the non-limited version of Apollo 8 is the same width as Omega’s moon-themed modern moon phase themed ceramics, but the final appearance and wearing are much smaller. Thanks to its significantly reduced thickness. This is due to Omega putting its complex coaxial movements aside – all of which are equipped with an automatic winding device – and replacing it with a customized version of the hand-wound calibre 1861 in the classic Moonwatch, and renamed this as “Moonified” in 1869 “variant.

The case is beautifully finished with sharp lines and alternating brushed and polished surfaces which, at last, can stand out more as they aren’t overwhelmed by the sheer size of the thing.
The case is beautifully finished with sharp lines and alternating brushed and polished surfaces which, at last, can stand out more as they aren’t overwhelmed by the sheer size of the thing.

The loss of a solid automatic winding structure means that the Omega Speedmaster Planet Apollo 8 dark case may be 2.5mm thinner than the previous DSotM watch, so it is only 13.8mm thick. Yes, it’s still great, but if you can see a few shots on it, it means that the watch can now finally be placed flat on its earrings because there is no dignity in the leather/canvas strap. The case should be able to do it.

BUY Omega Speedmaster CK2998 Pulsometer / Panda Dial REPLICA WATCHES

The main focus of Baselworld 2018 was the Seamaster collection which celebrated its 70th anniversary this year, but the Biel-based brand could not completely ignore the other icon Speedmaster. Apart from the modern and dazzling Dark Side of Apollo 8 version, there was something very desirable for a new CK2998 limited edition to appear in Omega. It is not an innovative one, it is a cool cool cool watch of a vintage sense. Please see Omega REPLICA WATCHES Speedmaster CK2998 Pulse Meter.

Speedmaster is a clock that does not require introduction to the world of watch. It is symbolic (I used the word “I”). It is a design that can be recognized immediately after testing the time. The new Omega Speedmaster CK2998 Psometometer is fitted with a 39.7 mm diameter steel case with 19 mm lag spacing and can be worn clean with most wrist size, but with a 19 mm lag spacing. It covers the dial with sapphire crystal, surrounding it is a black ceramic bezel displaying a pulsometer scale. To hold the watch on your wrist, CK 2998 comes with a white rubber perforated black leather strap inside. Inside this watch there is Omega Caliber 1861 which is the movement of the manually rolled chronograph in the current Moonwatch model.

The basic recipe of this Omega Speedmaster CK2998 Psometometer is the same as that used in 2012 with FOIS and CK2998. The stainless steel case is inspired by the first generation of the Speedmaster watch before NASA.Omega decided to protect more on the crown and pusher. The Professional Speedmaster has a rear lug and an asymmetric case with a diameter of 42 mm, but CK2998 relies on a so-called “straight” or symmetrical case where the crown and pusher are not protected. Therefore, this case is smaller than the professional version of 39.7 mm, but still has a big presence on the wrist due to the long lag.

The Caliber 1861 features a 48 hour power reserve and a frequency of 21,600 bph and has demonstrated its reliability for many years. Aesthetically, this limited edition is very similar to the blue CK 2999. Omega was released in 2016 and different color tones and pulsometer scales were released instead of the tachymeter scale. This latest version has a white dial with black subdial and outer track, red chronograph hand with contrast, red “Speed ​​Master” text. Unlike the standard “Moon Watch” hand, the handset here is characterized by Alpha’s hand instead. Regardless of name, no one can resist the panda dial when I find the watch a very attractive phone. Overall, the Omega Speedmaster CK2998 Pulsometer is a member of the Speedmaster Family and brings new personality.

Indeed, I will dig indeed this watch. There may be people who dislike seeing a limited version of Speedmaster a bit more, but this is only for me. The panda dial is performed very well and the red accents give the watch a wonderful sporty feel. Besides, I am always a big fan of brands that use scales other than tachymeter. To do that, you need a chronograph bezel. I do not have the ability to do complicated maths in flight and there is no reason to use the scale of the tachymeter because there is a speedometer functioning in the car. Currently, I am not a doctor, not measuring the pulse of people every day, but the pulsometer scale is a more convenient function than the conventional tachymeter. This is a watch that I can see very easily as I like what I have.

Buy Replica OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch Blue Dial Chronograph Men’s Watch

OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch Blue Dial Chronograph Men’s  replica watches

The “(color) side of the month” is a popular phrase in Omega since the dark side of the moon of the spinmaster (using that sexy black ceramic case) jumped up a few years ago at Baselworld. replica watches attempted to continue the trend of the multicolored ceramic case, a series of different runs. Seamaster Planet Ocean Even watches for diving can be used in black or blue ceramic cases. Omega Speedmaster Blue Side of the Moon is the latest ceramic speed master of 2017, in fact it is the only new ceramic model. The official (full) name of the clock is long like a typical Omega exercise, Omega replica Speedmaster Blue Side of the Moon Core Sial Master Chronometer Moon Phase.

Stainless steel case with blue leather strap. It is a fixed type stainless steel bezel with a tachymeter mark on the top ring. Blue dial with shining silver tone hand and index hour marker. A marker for minutes around the outer rim. Dial type: analog. Shining hands and markers. The date is displayed at the 6 o’clock position. Chronograph – Two sub dials displaying 60 seconds and 12 hours. Automatic movement with power reserve for 60 hours. Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. Screw the crown. Skeleton case back. Case diameter: 44.25 mm. The shape of a round case. Band width: 22.9 mm. Band length: 9 inch deployment clasp. 100 meters waterproof.Omega Speedmaster Chronograph Moon Phase Coaxial Master Chronometer “Blue Side of the Moon” is in a blue 44, 25 mm full ceramic case. The watch is equipped with a ceramic dial and a bezel. The latter has a brushed Liquidmetal Tachymeterscale.

The hands are made of white gold and they shine green at night.

Omega Co – Axial Caliber 9904 is stored in the ceramic case. It is certified as a master chronometer with magnetoresistance exceeding 15.000 gauss.Omega uses ceramic material for the Speedmaster Moonphase in the bezel, bezel, rim, button. The moon is made of green pottery. A combination of piles on the dial and blue and white 18K on the needle creates a very comfortable contrast. This may not like a lot of people, but I think the blue side of the moon version has a special beauty in the past, but as it is very well known, it has a great potential for several years I think that I have the secret.



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Best watches Omega From the look of the watch, its eyes are sparkling and charming. omega watches s, 3 o ‘clock position and calendar window. Wear-resistant dial is unique and provides comprehensive protection.
This is one of  fake watcher omega most iconic clocks. At the heart of the chronograph is a legendary calibre 3220 of the automatic advanced movement, with 47 pieces of jewelry, which works well and all of the functions are expected. This model is characterized by a black original dial and a triple register, signature omega speed master, “automatic”, “made in Switzerland”, and the original hesalite crystal. A small stopwatch, a 30-minute tape recorder and a 12-hour recorder, and a pointer to a central timer. The index and the center hour and the minute hand are painted on the super lumi.

Nova. The size of the black frame, with its rapid, installed in a 39 mm stainless steel shell, not including the crown, from originally to originally “43 mm are in very good condition, in this age of any watches on minor surface scratches. The back cover signature “Speedmaster”. The winding crown is completely original and correctly marked with the famous omega. The watch is displayed on the new neutral leather black strap with the original omega buckle, about 19 cm, including the case. Please see the photo. Brand: European model: European speed master reference :1750032 diameter: 39mm, excluding crown movement: automatic calibre 3220, 47 jewelry function: hours, minutes, small seconds, timing. Shell material: steel, very good condition bracelet material: the watch has a new neutral leather black belt and the original ohmio buckle, about 19 cm, including the case. Glass: original omega dial: black dial and super lumi.

Nova indexes and timing tags.

Crown: original replica omega watches resistance: 120, but we cannot guarantee that other ´ regulations: travel box legend Speedmaster is an impressive said omega brand innovative spirit of adventure. This is a perfect addition to your collection. You can also present these wonderful watches as gifts to your friends. This watch will be carefully packed and covered with high insurance.
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